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Our project members each year are one of the reasons that make the projects so fun and productive. Many of our project members are extremely talented and have gone on to great things! Each year we have grown our projects. In 2015 we are set to have over 200 CTR project members spread among the various projects happening during the year.

Dorothy, Hong Kong

Dorothy, Hong Kong:

"This is the first time for me to work in foreign country and I was glad to spend my summer with CTR. My colleagues were very friendly and they were always very willing to help, so I really enjoyed working with them. Meanwhile, I have learnt a lot about the countries which I did project-related research on including the culture and the geography."

Mei, Hong Kong

Mei, Hong Kong:

"Thanks CTR for giving me this precious opportunity to learn, experience and have great fun at the same time. It was my pleasure to spend my effort in the CTR projects which benefits young people from around the globe.
During this period, I enhanced practical design skills for my future career, gained more knowledge about the fields outside of my university major and experienced diverse cultures. The summer was filled with invaluable memories and experiences in CTR would never be forgotten by this girl from Hong Kong. Hopefully, I could work for CTR again in the future."

Luke CY, United Kingdom

Luke CY, UK:

"I was most certainly nervous about being part of the CTR programme, particularly as an older member of the team, but once I relaxed and met everybody I realised that we were all in it together and had valuable skills and a positive contribution to make to the whole experience."
"To anyone who wishes to push their boundaries, be inspired, explore a great city, different culture, meet interesting people and expand their horizon's both physically and mentally I would sincerely recommend City Travel Review."
"Life is what you make it."
"Also it would be great to be considered to work as a member of staff, please do add me to your recruitment list."

Emma P, United Kingdom

Emma P, UK:

"Just a quick email to say thankyou for all the help with the organisation of the Barcelona trip, I had the most amazing 3 weeks and it was a once in a lifetime experience!!"

Ricky S, United Kingdom

Ricky S, UK:

"Such an eye opener of a month, packed with activities, entertainment, learning and great people! I must have enjoyed it as I never returned to the UK! Ricky stayed in Berlin and now works for the company GoEuro which is featured on our website. GoEuro is an online tool that may help assisting selected project members booking travel arrangements."

Jacinta R, Australia

Jacinta R, Australia:

"This is definitely a must for people who wish to strengthen their writing skills, gain valuable experience, learn another language and meet some amazing people from around the world! Thanks CTR, I loved every moment!"

Lily P, UK

Lily P, USA:

"I'd like to thank you because you were a huge part of helping me get to where I am today. I could not have received this opportunity with Future Publishing (my dream job!) without you first letting me participate in CTR."

Mallory C, USA

Mallory C, USA:

"I spent six weeks in Madrid reveling in the Spanish sun and eagerly awaiting the thriving nightlife. Not only did City Travel Review introduce me to amazing people, I also strengthened my writing and design skills. With this program you have the freedom to really immerse yourself with whatever aspects of the city interest you. I am grateful for this culturally enriching experience and memories I will cherish from it."

Kirsten, UK

Kirsten, UK:

"I have finally arrived home after a brief stop in Glasgow and I'm just emailing to say thank you for a great experience in Berlin. I really enjoyed working on the project and being given the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful city. The project also gave me confidence in my own writing ability and I hope to continue working on my writing skills in the future. It really was an invaluable experience and I really appreciate all of the time and effort put in by the CTR team. Thanks again!"

Marie B, UK

Isabel G, Spain:

"Last summer I was on the Lyon project, and I had one of the best summers ever! Meeting people from everywhere and from all sorts of backgrounds in a vibrant city like Lyon just made it even more worthwhile. The CTR projects offer you the best way to discover a new city, giving you a cultural insight from the very first day.I think travelling whilst working on such a creative and inspiring project opens your mind and also helps to develop your skills.I would encourage anyone to join the CTR projects, it is a must have experience!"

Marie B, UK

Marie B, UK:

"Doing CTR last year in Berlin was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only did I get chance to create an impressive portfolio to show employers I also gained life long friends and fell in love with the city - so much so that I have now relocated here. An amazing experience which I am now happy to be a part of organising!"

Ozel R, UK

Ozel R, UK:

"It was for 3 weeks in the picturesque city of Lyon. During weekdays we would have French lessons. We had a few organised group trips like a tour around the city and a trip to the Euro News HQ, but really the project was about writing about our own experiences and gathering our own research on Lyon. So we explored, we wrote, but most of all, we had fun. With the help of a small team of professional writers, and teachers, we were guided on how to produce our articles successfully in the style of a travel writer. We may not have had much time, but we did it and by the end of the project all our hard work had virtually materialized into the form of an e-book. It was a proud moment for all of us. Definitely a must for budding writers or those who are interested in learning another language. Thanks CTR!"

Jessica C, UK

Jessica C, UK:

"I have recently taken part in the July City Travel Review programme in Berlin and would like to say that I was very impressed with the organisation of everything, and the range of activities that were provided for us; I found the German lessons especially useful and would like to mention that I found my teacher Tanja extremely effective. She put much thought and effort into making our lessons as varied and interesting as possible and was always happy to explain things if we found ourselves a little lost. Also, our accommodation was well-placed with regards to location within the city and the flats were very pleasant to live in. I would also like to say that I was particularly impressed with Marcus. He went above and beyond with regards to the amount of time he was willing to give to our project and he would bend over backwards to respond to any issue we had, either as a group or individually. I felt that he took the time to get to know us all personally and got the impression that he was very keen to make sure this guide was as good as it could be; an attitude that made the project fun to be a part of. His extensive journalistic knowledge was helpful, not only with regards to the guide, but I also feel that my general writing skills have developed massively thanks to him. All in all I was extremely satisfied by the whole experience, and would like to thank you and all the staff on the programme for making it such a pleasant experience for me."

Brendan M, USA

Brendan M, USA:

"Have you ever been so taken by a place that you found it nearly impossible to stop thinking about, even after leaving? This is Berlin for me, a city of extraordinarily diverse people, cultures, and experiences. CTR played the role not just of matchmaker, but of reformist. It changed my view of Berlin from that of just another Western European city to a mecca of cool and sexy sophistication where every alleyway spills into yet another historic monument and every square in evening glitters with the lights of another sensational cafe. If it had not have been for CTR I wouldn't have truly lived Berlin but merely seen it in the same way that any tourist does. The program coordinators were incredibly helpful and the teachers didn't stop teaching once leaving the classroom but accompanied us on trips throughout the city, providing invaluable information to the best sights, sounds and tastes the city had to offer. But despite all of these lengthy, adjective injected lines above, words truly are insufficient in describing the time you will have working with CTR. It has made me not only a better writer but a better global citizen as well. Oh, and the legendary kebabs you'll find dotting the city streets aren't half bad either!"

Jenni M, USA

Jenni M, USA:

"I just wanted to write to thank you so much for this CTR month. I've definitely grown more confidence in my writing ability and have started to consider travel writing as a possible career choice. I really appreciated all your feedback during the workshops as well. CTR Berlin has been an incredible experience for both personal and professional reasons and I only have you and the rest of the staff to thank for that. I hope you have a great rest of the summer!"

Ranvir SB, UK

Ranvir SB, UK:

"It's fair to say I would have never considered entering the design industry if I hadn't worked on the Berlin project in 2008, as the Editorial Design Editor. Now I am employed as a graphic designer, and living comfortably doing something I actually enjoy and am great at. The 2008 guide 'Berlin in BOLD' was the first step in my portfolio, and it may be a first step in something new for you."

Gareth M, UK

Gareth R-M, UK:

"I would like to let you know how wonderfully informative, well structured and brilliant the program was. I have already recommended it to several other writers. I thought that Lutz and Caroline were great to work with and both Alex and Marcus excellent leaders for our group. Please pass on my compliments to the team. I loved Berlin so much I'm hoping to move there in the autumn! Best of luck for the future projects!"

Madelyn H, USA

Madelyn H, USA:

"I enjoyed the program for many reasons. I made new friend's from other countries, traveled through Berlin while learning about the German culture, Learned enough German to get by. it was truly the experience of a lifetime. I have wonderful memories that i'll never forget about Berlin and the people I had the opportunity of meeting."

Linda C, Northern Ireland

Linda C, Northern Ireland:

"I'm so glad I decided to go to Berlin with CTR; it gave me a chance to work (and become friends) with a group of really creative people, to refresh my German skills, to have some serious fun and to explore the nooks and crannies of this unique city. Recommended!"

George R, USA

George R, USA:

"The Berlin program was one of the best experiences of my life providing a true independent and educational experience. Not only did I improve my understanding of a second language, I also got to spend six weeks in a city with a fascinating history."

Stephen B, UK

Stephen B, UK:

"CTR is a great programme. I went to Berlin one Summer, and it was one of the best choices I made: I had lots of fun; met great people; explored a wonderful city; to see the finished book made the whole experience that bit more special."

Gemma C, Australia

Gemma C, Australia:

"I had the most fantastic time in Berlin! I'm now basically just waiting until I finish my uni degree so I can move straight back there and apply for a job at Ex-Berliner! Thanks a million!"

Hayley H, UK

Hayley H, UK:

"A really fantastic experience that I would recommend to any one eager to don their walking shoes, explore an incredible city and drink copious amounts of beer"

Chris W, Australia

Chris W, Australia:

"The programme was fantastic! – Very worthwhile and enjoyable. It certainly inspires a fire to return to Berlin!"

Ruby, Australia

Ruby, Australia:

"Is there such a thing as too much fun? If so,this is surely the closest I've come to it! Parties,projects and some of the nicest people I've ever met... I didn't want to leave!"

Rachel C, USA

Rachel C, USA:

"I really appreciated everyones help! This was a wonderful experience; I'm so glad I decided to come."

Kasia B, Poland

Kasia B, Poland:

"I really enjoyed the June programme and I'd like to thank you all for your help"

Davi A, Brazil

Davi A, Brazil:

"One word – Awesome!"

Hannah M, UK

Hannah M, UK:

"I was in the August one month Berlin program and it was fantastic. It was well organised and I really enjoyed the german classes and the writing workshops. There is no shortage of good things to say about the program."

James B, UK

James B, UK:

"I worked with CTR in the summer of 2010 – enjoying Berlin's incredible atmosphere for a few months, learning German and beginning my career as a writer. Having had the best experience of my life, I went on to get my dream job in Central America as a photographer and travel writer. All thanks to the invaluable experience I picked up at City Travel Review. It was a great experience!"

Aaron P, USA

Aaron P, USA:

"I experienced the Berlin project last summer and felt that I profited from it immensely. "

Michael A, UK

Michael A, UK:

"Hey, did this two years ago and had a fantastic time. Would really recommend it to anyone. Berlin simply is a great place to be & is a great experience!"

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