The Team

Our CityTravelReview projects have professional staff collaborating with each team. The staff have varying experience working in this type of environment. Some have previously participated on the programme so have had first-hand experience in undertaking this gap experience. The team usually consists of professional language trainers, language assistants, project co-ordinators, layout staff, workshop journalism co-ordinators and activity organisers. Team members and size of the team differ according to project. We currently have around 40 experienced creative freelancers that work on our projects during different CTR seasons and varying durations.

  • Rebecca


    Manager in Barcelona

    Rebecca is a designer who truly believes in the multidisciplinary nature of design and creation. Rebecca has always had a strong interest in media and design and has worked in many aspects of these industries. She holds a Bachelor in Media and Communications from the University of Western Ontario, and also a Bachelor of Interior Design from Ryerson Polytechnic University, in Toronto, Canada.

    Rebecca has over five years of professional experience working for companies such as Partner’s Integrated as a Graphic Designer, The Design Agency as a Commercial Interior Designer and freelancing with Mixer Inc. as a Marketing Event Designer. Rebecca has worked toward creating design solutions for many types of clients ranging from independent restaurant owners, to Guinness and Tequila Don Julio. Rebecca received a scholarship to complete her Masters in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces at IED Barcelona, and has remained in Barcelona, where she is inspired by the unique design philosophy of the city and of course, the never ending blue skies. After completing her Masters, Rebecca began working at IED Barcelona as an Assistant Professor and is also leading conceptual installation workshops. Rebecca is also the founder of The Welkin Contest, a competition platform providing real life opportunities to creatives looking for their big break

  • Stephanie


    Manager in Barcelona

    Stephanie is a freelance journalist who spent her childhood living in Toronto, Barbados, and Jersey (Channel Islands). After completing her undergraduate education in Media and Communications in Canada and working in promotions and marketing for a Canadian media company, Stephanie moved to London to pursue a graduate degree in journalism at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Upon completion of her graduate degree, Stephanie worked for Condé Nast Contract Publishing UK, writing and researching for Style Magazine and Boodles Magazine. Stephanie then went on to work as the Business Development Manager, EMEA, for in London, where she worked on securing partner relationships with ElPais, Le Figaro, International Herald Tribune, the Wall Street Journal and over 35 other media partners.

    Stephanie then left London to pursue journalism on a freelance basis and work on Virgin Mobile Canada’s launch Stephanie decided to pursue freelance journalism on a fulltime basis, and moved to Paris to work on travel writing and editing for North American and European based print and online publications. Stephanie now lives in Barcelona and is the co-founder of, a blog featuring wine and travel reviews.

  • May


    CTR Project Assistant, Berlin

    "Helping with organisation and working with experienced journalists and art editors has been very exciting for me. To support the students in creating a high quality guide book was a challenging and fun task for my internship and I enjoyed being part of a great team."

  • Teresa


    Language Trainer in Madrid

    Teresa is one of our excellent, fun and fully qualified language trainers for CTR in our Madrid project.

  • Yalcin


    Language Trainer in Lyon

    "For me City Travel Review is not just having fun and learning about travel experiences, but also giving a linguistic opportunity in a friendly atmosphere. While learning the language of Moliere in Lyon, you have also opportunities to get in touch with other nationalities and other cultures of the world. I have great pleasure in teaching French, and also am open to any chances to learn other languages, while experiencing new cultures and cities. So lets connect folks!"

  • Tanja


    Language Trainer in Berlin

    Tanja is a real Berliner and loves Berlin and loves to teach! Her view is teaching a language can be so much fun! And that is her main goal! In order to help the project members to learn something in an interesting way... while they are in one of the greatest cities of the world!

  • Victoria


    Project Assistant in Edinburgh

    Assisting a recent project - a Journalism Graduate who is currently building her experience and her contacts through helping the students coming to Edinburgh get a good feel of not only Edinburgh, but places not far from Edinburgh such as Stirling and Glasgow. Topics of interest are music, tourism and lifestyle.

  • Stella


    Project Assistant in Edinburgh

    "Having grown up in Edinburgh and now an Illustration student at ECA, it has been a privilege working for CTR Edinburgh for the first time and have the opportunity to meet such a vibrant group of visiting students and share with them my practical knowledge and enthusiasm for my hometown. I look forward to seeing their city reviews soon!"

  • Roseanna


    Project Assistant in Edinburgh

    "Rosanna, a masters student at Edinburgh University who is studying playwrighting, with a dream of writing things which will make it onstage. She is also a scottish Editor of a London/ New York theatre magazine and her particular journalistic interests include any type of arts going on, especially the weird and wonderful world of theatre."

  • Alejandra


    Project Co-ordinator in Madrid

    "The best way to discover your city is always if you have the opportunity to show it to others. Definitely a great experience in which you’ll not only learn the technical part of a travel guide, also the human part, such as work with different people, the culture, traditions and all this far away from the clichés."

  • Celia


    Project Manager in Madrid

    Celia holds a degree in advertisement and public relations and a master´s degree in international relations. She has worked for an international travel agency in Greece organising tours and activities for groups, as well as within the editorial sector. Having lived abroad for many years (in the Netherlands, Greece, Cape Verd and Uganda), Celia loves to get lost wherever she travels, feeling the pulse of the cities and the rhythm of its people, grasping the little details that make every place unique. That is why she gets so excited showing the hustle and bustle of Madrid.

    "Joining the CTR project means getting in touch with a wide range of people, and allowing yourself to be surprised by their own personal perspective on that city you think you have already grasped, their way of reading it. I felt immensely happy to share with new people my favorite places, the hidden atmospheres and the constant changes Spanish society is experiencing."

  • Marcus


    Workshop Co-ordinator, Berlin

    "City Travel Review's unique programme gives you the opportunity to explore one of the world’s most intriguing cities while at the same time allowing you to hone your travel writing skills."

  • Sofia


    German language trainer in Berlin

    "Why do Germans interrupt a conversation far less than for example the Greeks? Because the verb in sub-sentences always comes at the end and hence one has to wait for the sentence to be completed to understand its context. Culture equals language and language equals culture. That was in brief the motto of our course. Being able to communicate in German and improving the vocabulary was its main objective and we spent the lessons discussing, debating, philosophising and analysing. Based on the students' personal experiences during their stay in Berlin we collected typical German traits and sayings, and thereby began to grasp the country's true mentality. The students contributed extremely well and I found the whole experience very rewarding and motivating. Even when most of them had hardly slept for more than an hour and needed frequent doses of caffeine, they still made it to the lessons in the morning and were up for the experience. Personally for me the most rewarding part of the job was seeing participants, who were hardly able to say a German word at the start of the programme, being able to hold a German conversation at the end."

  • Matt


    Layout co-ordinator for Berlin

    "Joining the City Travel Review programme was quite simply one of the best decisions I could have made.

    Coming to a city like Berlin it is possible to get slightly overawed by the scale of everything and the sheer breadth of things to do and things to see. When there is a purpose, like writing the travel guide, it gives you a focus and ensures that you do and see more than you ever would on any normal trip. It also brings together like-minded people, I made some very good friends and they all added to the overall experience.

    The structure of the programme meant that I had plenty of freedom to explore the city for myself with helpful hints along the way. I learned a lot from the German lessons and the journalism workshops and all the staff at City Travel Review were there whenever I had a question or needed something.

    There is no doubt in my mind that anyone would gain something from coming here to Berlin. City Travel Review makes it easy and fun, go for it!"

  • Alex


    Workshop co-ordinator/writer in Berlin, Madrid and London

    "On arriving in a city for the first time, the intrepid traveller often finds their perceptions sharpen in response to their new environment. Hit by an array of colourful sights, tantalizing smells and appealing textures, the temptation to capture and relive it all – whether in images or text – is hard to resist. City Travel Review allows its project participants to do just that while creating a destination guide or magazine to some of Europe’s most fascinating and vibrant cities. Not only will you get the chance to hone your writing, research, layout and photography skills; you’re also guaranteed to return home with a suitcase full of fond memories and first-hand experience of what makes a truly great city tick."

  • Isabel


    Project Assistant, Barcelona

    "Isabel was a past valuable project member in a CTR Lyon Project. She is now a member of our team as a project assistant on location at our CTR Barcelona Project."

  • Caroline W


    Activity organiser/Administrator 2010/2011

    "Working for the programme over the course of two projects this summer was a great pleasure. I enjoyed meeting interesting students from all over the world and showing them around my favourite city. Seeing the results of their work in the end proofs gave great satisfaction. They certainly took a lot of experiences in Berlin-City-Life and knowledge of Berlin's history and the present day back home with them!"

  • Georgia


    Past participant 2008 and Activity Organiser 2010 in Berlin

    "I had THE best summer in Berlin with CTR: Not only did I get to explore the most exciting city in Europe and make lifelong friends, but the experience I gained landed me a sweet job at a fashion magazine in London the following summer. To anyone who's even slightly tempted, I say do it!"

  • Pablo


    Project Manager in Madrid

    "This is an alive experience, the best way to re-discovering the city and getting to know new people who will turn into new friends. A real opportunity to get involved in a project that not only consists in working on a guide but knowing the city from the inside. I had a great summer with all the guys in the group, and definitely will use their guide because it was made by people just like me."

  • marina


    Project Manager in Madrid, 2011/2012

    "This is a reciprocal experience. An opportunity for the guys to be submerged in the city and the spanish culture and the way for us to comprehend why foreigns think "that is typical spanish" and why they feel so attracted to our culture. When you are constructing a guide together from start to finish with the team getting on really well with each other you soon see the desired outcome: The guide that the young want to get their hands on."

  • Rebecca W

    Rebecca W

    Project Manager in Edinburgh 2013

    Rebecca is in charge of general management on location at the Edinburgh projects. She has a background within PR and Marketing and currently resides in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

  • Sally


    Proofreader for all projects

    "Thank goodness for CTR as it is one of the few professional companies geared towards giving young people a rich linguistic and cultural experience which is enormous fun too. Enjoying a wide programme of activities, you get immersed in the country allowing you to experience genuine day-to-day life far beyond those available to a simple traveller. The project inspires and challenges. It encourages each individual to explore their interests and build on their strengths and the outcome is a great sense of pride and achievement. What a unique opportunity."

  • Anne


    Workshop co-ordinator in Edinburgh

    Anne's latest project involved working with a team of differing nationalities: German, Austrian, Belgium, Swiss, Japanese, Australian, UK, USA, Polish.

    "I think the idea behind the journalism part of the course, i.e. researching, writing and putting together a students’ guide to Edinburgh, works well, as it gives both a focus and an incentive to discover as much as they can in a very short time. It is impressive that the majority manage to do this fairly fluently in a foreign language, and interesting that their written English improves on a daily basis. I have found almost all the students enthusiastic and friendly, and have enjoyed tutoring them."

  • Janis


    Project Assistant in Edinburgh

    Janis has had three careers in her working life. She worked an an Exchange Officer for the National Union of Students, a job which she loved and which gave her the opportunity to travel extensively. On returning to her home city of Edinburgh she worked as a tour guide and as a teacher. She is proud of her Edinburgh roots and is enthusiastic about introducing students to both the well known places, and those which visitors rarely come across. She describes working for CTR as having been "a great experience which gave me the opportunity to share my interests and experience with a group of highly motivated and interesting young people. Can't wait for the next one!"

    Janis's interests include travel, literature, film, theatre, long distance walking and cycling."

  • selene


    Project Manager in Lyon

    "I spent three wonderful and challenging weeks in Madrid, and I thought: Lyon is worth doing the same. And other people deserve to have the same experience I had. So, the next step came just natural: I proposed a project for the city where I live, and that I love. A project made of work, new experience, a new language, but also a lot of fun and some magic."

  • selene

    Charlotte C

    Project Assistant in Lyon

    "I guess I am one of the real City Travel Review success stories. After spending one summer as a participant of the project I made contacts in the journalism world and I am now working as a freelance journalist for Euronews in Lyon. It's been great to work on both sides of the CTR team so that I can share my experiences and suggestions with the group."

  • Nicolas


    Workshop assistant, Lyon

    Nicolas is a guide at Lyon Tourist Office and the author of a crime fiction trilogy ( set in the Middle Ages, in Lyon.

  • Helene


    Workshop assistant, Lyon

    Hélène is the owner of the blog Lyon Culture Land (, "the only cultural guide of Lyon City in English".

  • Paul


    Layout expert in Edinburgh

    "I believe layout is important when constructing any publication as it allows you to extend the users' experience by showing them images, themes of colour and typography. These aspects combined really help put your ideas and experiences across. In the same way, constructing and developing a layout also allows you to personalise your work by adding some of your own personality and preferences into it."

  • Peter


    Workshop Co-ordinator in Edinburgh

    "City Travel is a great way to navigate around 'the Athens of the North'. Writing a travel guide is a great way to experience Edinburgh and to learn about writing, journalism and making a publication at the same time. Invariably the students are warm, friendly and keen to learn, after three weeks they have an excellent guide to show for their efforts."

  • Murdo


    Activity Organiser in Edinburgh, 2010-2012

    "Whenever I travel to a new city, I like to meet local people and find out more than is available through basic tour guides, as you get more of the true flavour of that city. City Travel Review gives great opportunities to unlock this local knowledge, which guides like myself are happy to share. I have had the pleasure of working with CTR visitors to Edinburgh and of helping them enjoy and learn about the city, to produce outstanding, up-to-date guides full of great tips for the curious traveller."

  • Aimee


    Activity Organiser in Edinburgh and past participant

    "After experiencing the Berlin CTR programme I realised that working abroad is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have. It gives you the chance to meet some wonderful people who will become friends for life, opens your eyes to a new and exciting culture and gives that extra little something to you CV. I had the time of my life on the programme and I could not be happier to be working for CTR in Edinburgh by helping new students to explore and discover!"

  • Luca


    Workshop Assistant and Manager in Edinburgh, 2010/2011

    "C.T.R is, for sure, an incredible and useful opportunity for a student who wants to be part of a creative, motivated team!

    The creative travel writing projects offered by C.T.R. represent a great training for those students interested in media and communication sectors."

  • Jill


    Workshop Co-ordinator in Edinburgh, 2011

    "In my experience writing about a city is a great way to get to understand its quirks, history and people. It prompts you to poke around a bit more, ask compelling questions and get to know the people who both live and work there. Coming from a tourist perspective you'll already have preconceptions about the city you're staying in. Do those preconceptions add up? Are you having to drastically alter them? And if so, when should they have changed and why were they there in the first place? Visiting a new city, you'll also get to know a little more about yourself. Published City Reviews are widely read and a great feedback mechanism for the tourist departments of the cities they feature. As such they should always be carefully noted!"

  • Karolin


    Workshop Assistant for one summer project

    "During my internship I enjoyed being with a group of international young students. We discovered Berlin and had a lot of fun together.

    I got my first experiences in writing and learned a lot about Berlin even though I am living here. Now I know the best restaurants, bars etc."

  • Antje


    Language Trainer

    "Berlin is a vibrant and fascinating city. I combine within my classes of everyday-conversations with the discovering of Berlin, what can now be found, and what once lived previously when there were two German states? Nothing is more beautiful than returning with great satisfaction from the project, good knowledge in the German language, culture and Berlin’s style of creative thinking!"

  • Tabea


    Arrival airport pick up Berlin 2012

    Tabea is our newest and youngest edition to the team working on our Berlin summer projects. Tabea is a ‘real Berliner’ and has practical knowledge of this large fascinating city inside and out.

  • Amanda

    Amanda G

    CTR Berlin Project Assistant 2014

    Amanda Gray is a Slovenian/American journalist based in Berlin, Germany. She writes for a variety of publications focusing on the arts and culture as well as the freelance economy. Amanda has a passion for the countries of the Balkans and when she is not writing she is playing in a band.

  • Joey


    An Intern assistant this Summer from Hong Kong

    Being an intern in CTR is the highlight of my summer. The working environment is relaxing yet productive, my colleagues are very friendly and welcoming. It is simply an enchanting experience!

  • Jasmine


    An Intern assistant this summer from Hong Kong

    It has been such an interesting experience working as an intern at CityTravelReview. While, in the past, I had never thought of doing an internship which is unrelated to my university degree and in a foreign country, this opportunity with CTR was simply eye-opening and fun. During my time with CTR, I was given live tasks relating to the ongoing CTR projects, market research and website improvement. I also took part in a few research field trips and social activities with my colleagues.

    The experience makes me wonder when it will be my turn to be a CTR participant!

  • Hannu


    Managing Director, Motion Placements Ltd

    Hannu is the Managing Director of Motion Placements Ltd. He has extensive commercial experience previously working as a Business Development Consultant.

  • Iain Bunt


    Web & design

    Iain from the company The Fourth Craw (, based in Edinburgh, Scotland is in charge of the majority of the website, design and online promotional activities working with citytravelreview.

  • collaborators


    "We collaborate with a number of other professionally qualified freelancers on a temporary or part-time basis in relation to; language staff, substitute staff, City Tour guides, project co-ordination, workshop assistants, activity organisers & general organisational staff who all work together under our citytravelreview umbrella."

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