Destination Lyon

Lyon forms a prosperous urban area of around 2 million inhabitants. The beautiful city of Lyon houses as you would expect many bars, restaurants, cafes, museums, art and fashionable shopping pedestrian zones. In the heart of the old town enjoy the historic character with cobbled streets and ancient buildings. Lyon has a dining scene that is chic, sharp and savvy. Along with outstanding art museums, a dynamic cultural life, a busy clubbing and night time scene which gives the city a distinctly sophisticated air. Green parks, riverside paths and the a historical old town sufficiently precious to be protected on Unesco’s World Heritage list ensure a bounty of discoveries.

Lyon Facts

  • Lyon is situated at an elevation of 659 feet above sea level
  • Lyon is also known as the ‘Silk Capital of the World’
  • St Exupery Airport is the main airport of Lyon
  • The major industries of the city of Lyon are textiles, silk, machinery, tourism, printing and chemicals
  • Lyon has a republican form of government
  • The major products exported from Lyon are iron, steel, machinery and transportation equipment, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, beverages and plastics
  • Most shops are open from 10 am to mid-day and again from 2 pm to 7:30 pm from Monday to Saturday
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Lyon Facts

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