Destination Berlin

"In the early hours of the morning I found myself walking through the glittering warm streets in the heart of Berlin with no clue where I was heading. Next to me are my two new found friends I met at the airport just some 8 hours before. This was only the first day of my study/work gap period and as I was just beginning to realise, it was the beginning of a great adventure and a sensational trip to Europe that I will never forget.

Enjoy the ride!"

Berlin is one of Europe's most dynamic, cosmopolitan and creative cities and is the capital and biggest city in Germany. It has a population of about 3.5 million people and extends over 889 square kilometres. It has had a turbulent and eventful past and has overcome the challenges of rebuilding itself since unification.

Berlin is a fast paced, vibrant, quirky and ever-changing city to watch, filled with new trends, fashion, art, design and music. Of any European city this is the place definitely not to be missed!

Berlin has regarded itself as a city of knowledge and culture since the days of Friedrich the Great in the 18th century. The political and cultural developments of the 19th and 20th century are visible throughout Berlin’s cityscape, reflecting both the history of architecture and various approaches to dealing with the consequences of war and destruction. Berlin has a real buzz in the air with an interesting European vibe, bustling pubs, worldly wise and a tolerant relaxed attitude. No other city has been so dramatically split and then reintegrated in such a short period of time.

The eastern neighbourhoods near the wall are now true centres of artistic and cultural activity. After hibernating for many decades, Berlin is now reassuming its role as the heart of Germany. It is once again a very exciting time to visit Berlin, with its interesting culture, edgy identity and history of east meets west.

Interesting Berlin Facts

About one – third of the City’s municipal area is made up of parks, forests, lakes and rivers. Fact: There are more trees here than in Paris and more bridges than in Venice.

Berliners take culture and fun very seriously. It is an ever changing city, so it is best to put your faith in word-of-mouth tips for the most cutting–edge scenes.

Berlin is an absolute paradise for snackers on the go and the number and variety of cafes in Berlin is simply astonishing!

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